Minirine photo profileGraduate from St. Luc Academy (Belgium), Marine Bigo concretizes all her projects with textile, an undeniable and undispensable career path to her eyes, that she pursues at Paris’ theatre school ATEC in period costume design and eventually at INFORMA (Roubaix) in pattern-making. « Art has been within me since my childhood (painting, photography, music) and I chose to express it through fashion clothing in all its forms, as it’s a product that’s being worn and commercialized more easily than a work of art. »
Her many travels, from Shanghai where she stayed 5 years, to Hong-Kong, Tokyo, passing by London, Berlin and Barcelona, leading finally back to her roots in northern France, make her discover other worlds and perceptions (colors, patterns, textures, sounds), that will help her imagining her own.
Her various professional experiences (pattern-making, styling, style and trend consulting) confirmed to her a desire that became inevitable: creating her own label : Minirine, a nickname that she created back in her school days and that has followed her, running like a red thread, tracing story of her life.
And thus are collections Minirine inspired by her recollections from travels, rhythm of the streets, paintings, meetings, music and destined for everyday life to working out to partying ! Her creations are comfortable, modern and designy (leggings, bodysuits, tracksuits, reversible jackets and trainers, sneakers…), furnished by innovative graphics, dazzling colors and fabrics that celebrate every curve and line of a woman’s body !